Darius Runge

* 19.07.1998, Celle, DE

(2014+ Singen/Hohentwiel)

August 2016 - ca. June 2017: Augsburg/Fürstenfeldbruck

July 2020+ Nürtingen

Tel: +49(0)7022 5064970
Availability by telephone is best from 15:00 UTC  to 21:00 UTC (17:00 - 23:00 German local time). My answering machine does not support providing an English announcement at the moment. If you would like to use my answering machine, just talk after the tone. When you have finished talking, you may disconnect or press # to listen to your recording again and confirm that the recording is in fact intelligible.
Signal Messenger supported: Do not send important (meaning that you rely on me reading the message in time or at all) or confidential information to me by Signal. Do not rely on the delivery indicator and do not assume that the correctly entered number guarantees that you are actually connected to me.

Fax: +49(0)7022 5064971
Do not send confidential information to me by fax. Send a personal registered letter ("Einschreiben-eigenhändig" or "Recommande. A remettre en main propre") to the PO box instead. Important but not confidential messages and documents are accepted by fax though!

Vox: +49(0)7022 5064998 (2 min)
This number immediately connects to my voice mail without attempting to talk in person. Please keep in mind that you cannot tell if the recording is actually working as an imperceptible corruption of the microphone or the voice uplink might be present. Do not use this for important or confidential messages and announce your phone number if you would like to get a response call; I do not use Caller ID and will ignore any CID transmitted because this system is inherently broken and misguides in using the phone system not as intended.

E-Mail: darius-runge@magenta.de
Do not send important (meaning that you rely on me reading the message in time or at all) or confidential information to me by e-mail. Please do not respond to letters or faxes by e-mail unless I offer that by explicitly mentioning the e-mail address inside the very letter or fax you are responding to. I discard all HTML e-mails and do not accept file attachments without apparent necessity. If you really need formatting, feel free to use markdown.

I offer an encryption key (RSA-4096) for the abovementioned e-mail address if you prefer to use encryption (like I do). The usage of encryption does not change anything about my requirements on not using e-mail for confidential or important communication. It is just meant to make interception as difficult as reasonably possible. You may also use the key to send encrypted data on CD-R, DVD±R (SL/DL) or BD-R(SL/DL/TL/QL) by mail. The key is signed by Governikus GmbH & Co KG using my electronic ID card of the Federal Republic of Germany.

PO Box:
Darius Runge
Postfach 3
72669 Unterensingen

Languages: ger, eng

Contact data will be updated indefinitely!